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Wedding planner service

Think of us as your Personal Assistants, someone who will take care of those endless details, so you can relax and enjoy your day. You can contact Your Wedding planner at any time during the wedding preparations.


We’ll make sure your wedding day is everything you ever dreamed of. As mentioned, Full Service wedding planning is comprised of everything included in Day of Coordination in addition to months of planning and perfecting prior to the big day.

My gift is my song, and this one is for you

Wedding decorations

We provide you with decorations ideas for your wedding ceremony and reception including colors, creative touches, lighting, paper elements and flowers/centerpieces.


Let our Angel take care of all your needs during preparation time and your wedding day. You can reach your private assistant at any time and be sure that all the details are under our control.

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Wedding bouquet

Flowers are essential element for weddings. They definitely set the style & mood for these special moments. Our experienced floral designers will create memory lasting bridal bouquet, flower decor, buttonholes and other flower arrangements that might be required.


To add personalized touches to your special day just choose your style & color theme and everything else we will arrange for you.

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Photography & Videography

Wedding photos are the most wonderful and lasting memory of your big day! Hiring good professionals you will have the complete story of your wedding day captured for you, parents, family and friends to enjoy and relive forever. Our professional photographers from all around the world will help you to save the moment.

Best shots

Wedding Video is the timeless wedding keepsake. We work with professionals who are able to capture the special moments of your big day and make it truly an unforgettable experience.

Unforgettable that's what you are

Make-up & Hairstyle

Every bride wants to look radiant on her big day. We offer you services of make-up artists who can provide the highest level of professionalism. We are often asked what sort of product the artists work with.

Le Chic

And the answer is that they have collection of the best products from different high end brands. We can guarantee that your hair will reflect the magic of the day through the cooperation with carefully selected top professionals specialized in wedding hairstyles.

The most beautiful woman in the world

Wedding cake & sweet bar

Wedding cake is a highlight of each wedding reception. Sweet bars (or candy bars) have become a hit lately and are ultimate fun.

A delicious wedding

They will add colours and personal touch to your wedding. We will help you choose and arrange a wedding cake and sweets as according to your ideas and wishes to complement the style and theme of the wedding.

Your sugar yes please

Sound & light options

Lighting and sound are a very important factor to create the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and reception! A beautiful reception setting can be magic only if brilliantly lit with spectacular effects and lighting can change the ceremony and reception settings from modern to magic, from minimal to romantic and vice versa! We can create breathtaking atmospheres and magic moments for your wedding day and any detail can be valued with lighting tailored to the ceremony style and wedding reception theme and the ceremony.

Incidental music

Music plays important role in all weddings! It is also the easiest way how to personalize your ceremony, as well as setting the style and atmosphere for the celebration. We can arrange for you professional musicians that can add that special touch to your big day. We help you select the best musicians available according to your needs and preferences.

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The DJ and the presenter, on the other hand, will be that persons who set the mood for the event. A good wedding DJ and presenter will be able to read the room, have everyone up and dancing and, ultimately ensure everyone has a great time. On the other hand, a bad wedding DJ can kill the mood of even the most party-ready reception crowd.

Professional Presenter & DJ

So choosing this wedding specialists with us you can be sure that your guests will be having the most unforgettable time in their lives.

Romance with me on a crowded floor

Formal wedding

In Turkey it is possible to arrange either a legally binding religious ceremony or a civil legal ceremony for couples that opt for a destination wedding in Turkey and decide to marry abroad!

Be happy to ask any question you have and do not worry! Wedding documents are not your duty but our business!

The legal requirements and paperwork for a civil or a legal religious destination wedding in Turkey can at first sight seem unclear and confusing… Do not worry about the bureaucratic aspects! We know the legal documentation and paperwork required to get married in Turkey thanks to our experience of decades of marriages!

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